African Sun + Makeup = ?

​​The usual routine for makeup has become a full-time job because, almost everyday a new technique pops up! In recent times, there has been an addition of primer to prep the skin before applying your concealer and a finishing spray to give your face a gorgeous finish… I feel our skin needs to breath sometimes too, so I don’t always wear makeup but if you are a makeup addict and you can’t help but use it everyday, then you need to devise a strategy to keep slaying from dawn to dusk. TIA darlings! This is Africa, where the sun can literally melt your Make-up off your face! 

How to keep your face beat intact from dawn to dusk; 

1. Primer – Girl you need to smoothen your skin and keep it matte if you want that flawless finish. Try Maybelline Baby Skin.. For the newbies, use the primer before your concealer then your foundation and then everything else.

2. Finish Spray – This spray is used after you have your brows, eyeshadow, contouring and everything else done. Well the name says it all. It sets everything on your face perfectly.. Try the mac setting spray, it is awesome!

but how do you apply makeup for a flawless finish, from everyday looks to the glam looks! Ever heard of exfoliating? stay tuned darling you ain’t seen nothing yet! 

Yours Truly,

The Wolf Custodian.


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