Happy New Month 

January was practice, February was warm up, March is GAME TIME. Add some shine to your outfit with an accessory from #WolfCouture! 

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Let’s Exfoliate!

​Hi Guys! So i mentioned exfoliating in my last post and I want you guys to know what it is and why you need to exfoliate your skin/face.

Mmmm Exfoliate. What is exfoliate? It basically means shedding from a surface in layers. Shedding may sound terrifying but did you know our skin sheds from time to time without our knowledge? Yes girl… 

Our skin sheds to remove dead skin cells which is good because, it gives our skin that glow and smoothens it. 

Exfoliation is done by scrubbing tho sometimes we think our skin maybe too delicate to be scrubbed, you don’t need to scrub vigorously especially if it’s your face. Exfoliation can benefit every skin type depending on how it’s done and how often. Twice a week is fine if your skin isn’t sensitive. On the contrary, if you are living in Africa and you have an oily skin like mine you may just need to exfoliate your skin more than twice a week just to counter the buildup of dead skin cells.

Before you exfoliate, you must know your skin type. Is your face oily, dry, sensitive or normal? This will determine how it should be done. 

How do you Exfoliate your face? 

Here’s how;

1. Firstly, hold your hair away from your face, then cleanse your face with your regular cleanser. You need to have clean face so your skin can absorb the product.

2. Secondly, open your pores by steaming your face. So you simply have your face towel soaked in warm water and put on your face for about a minute or two. 

3. Now to exfoliate, an over-the-counter scrub is okay, I prefer the Hit the spot 5-in-1 exfoliating facial scrub. It is not harsh so it doesn’t irritate my skin.

4. Wash your hands, then pour the product on index and pointing fingers or you can put the product onto a clean soft wash cloth and gently scrub the paste in small upward circular motions over your entire face. Leave the product on your face for about a minute.

5. Rinse the scrub off thoroughly with lukewarm water and then splash your face with cold water. Warm water opens your pores whereas cold water closes it. Pat your face dry gently with a clean towel.

6. The final step is to use regular moisturizer, I love Avon’s instinct but if you are stepping out right afterwards, you can also consider applying a sunscreen or sunblock because, as your dead skin cells has been removed the fresh skin is prone to damage if directly exposed to the sun.

And that’s my exfoliating routine! I do this 4 times a week. I know my skin type hence the process is way easier! Do you know your skin type? Let’s sort that out in my next post! 💋

Yours Truly,

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African Sun + Makeup = ?

​​The usual routine for makeup has become a full-time job because, almost everyday a new technique pops up! In recent times, there has been an addition of primer to prep the skin before applying your concealer and a finishing spray to give your face a gorgeous finish… I feel our skin needs to breath sometimes too, so I don’t always wear makeup but if you are a makeup addict and you can’t help but use it everyday, then you need to devise a strategy to keep slaying from dawn to dusk. TIA darlings! This is Africa, where the sun can literally melt your Make-up off your face! 

How to keep your face beat intact from dawn to dusk; 

1. Primer – Girl you need to smoothen your skin and keep it matte if you want that flawless finish. Try Maybelline Baby Skin.. For the newbies, use the primer before your concealer then your foundation and then everything else.

2. Finish Spray – This spray is used after you have your brows, eyeshadow, contouring and everything else done. Well the name says it all. It sets everything on your face perfectly.. Try the mac setting spray, it is awesome!

but how do you apply makeup for a flawless finish, from everyday looks to the glam looks! Ever heard of exfoliating? stay tuned darling you ain’t seen nothing yet! 

Yours Truly,

The Wolf Custodian.

Crushing On Brian Tracy 

​Who is Brian Tracy? Brian Tracy is the Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International.

Have heard of Brian Tracy International? It is a company that specializes in training and development of individuals as well as corporate organizations.

What’s the mission of the company? Brian has a goal and it is to help people achieve their personal and business goals. I call him the world’s number one sales man tho and he is my #MCM for today. 

Yours Truly,

The Wolf Custodian.

My Monday Crush 

​My #MCM is Mark Zuckerberg. He is a computer programmer, an internet entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Mark is the chairman, chief executive officer and co-founder of the famous social networking website Facebook, Yes! This dude owns Facebook! So I know usually man crushes are actors or men in the fashion industry but I am making an exception today, for a man who doesn’t just own a pair of Rolex for show but is can actually afford to buy the entire company. I crush on beautiful brains 😉. Will share why I crush on beautiful brains like his soon. 

Photocredit : successstory
Yours Truly,

The Wolf Custodian.

Super Psyched! 

​Yaaaaaaay we have crossed over ! It’s the beginning of yet another amazing chapter in our lives.. I am so sure most of us have a tall list of things we want to do this year. Well it’s great that you have a plan but wait a sec, were you able to achieve all your goals aka your new year’s resolution in 2016? If you listed 6 things, how many were you able to achieve? Hun, sometimes in as much as we are yearning to reach for greater heights and push ourselves to do more, remember to list attainable and realist goals…. That’s not shade tho just real talk. welcome to my blog … Will be sharing articles on fashion, business and more fabulous stuff just stay glued 💋 


Yours Truly,

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